Omega Bubble Top

Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine

20 Ltr Bubble Top PET Preform - Available in a range of 250 to 450 Ton

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Plastic Packaging has become an essential to the world and the global trend has emerged to produce Hi-Tech & sophisticated plastic packaging.

PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) has recorded the fastest growth rate in the Plastics Market and this is evident from the revolution witnessed in the fields of mineral water, beverages, edible oil, detergents etc. where plastic bottles made from PET. Today, the food and beverages industry is increasingly using PET to replace glass and other materials.

Milacron India offers OMEGA Bubble Top PET Preform Injection Moulding Machine especially to manufacture 20 Ltr Bubble Top PET Preforms.

  • Bubble Top PET Preform Machine
  • Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine
  • Available in a range of 250 to 450 Ton
  • Dedicated PET Preform Machine
  • High Productivity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Robust & Reliable


  • Wide Platens with Large Tie Bar Spacing
  • A/C Variable Frequency Drive
  • Auto Lubrication (for 350 & 450 ton)
  • SPI Knock Out Bar
  • Special Screw for PET Processing
  • Higher Torque Hydromotor
  • Feed Throat Temperature Indication
  • Swiveling Injection Unit
  • Heater Failure Detection & Current Display
  • Multilevel Password with Operator's Name
  • Statistical Process Control with Graphics

Optional Features

  • Hydraulic Core Pull - Single / Double
  • Air Ejection - Single / Double
  • Hot Runner Temperature Control
  • Oil Temperature Control
  • Part Drop Chute
  • Robot Interface
  • Water Manifold


  • To Accommodate Multi-cavity Hot Runner Moulds
  • Lower Power Cost per Part Produce
  • For Enhanced Clamp life at High Speed Operations
  • For Easy Removal of Preforms by Multipoint Ejections
  • For Homogeneous Melt at Lower Melt Temperature
  • For High Plasticizing Rates and Low Power Consumption
  • To Monitor PET Granules Temperature
  • Facilitates ease of Maintenance
  • To Prevent Material Degradation
  • Ensures Protection of Processing Perameters
  • Provides Continuous Monitoring for better Part Quality


  • Hollow Headless Ram with Mono Seal & No Piston Rings
  • Large Prefill Designed for Fast Tonnage Build-up
  • Rapid Traverse Cylinders
  • Conical Strain Rod Nuts & Controlled Stress on Tie Rods
  • Adjustable moving Platen Skates
  • Rigid Cast Platens with FEA
  • Adjustable Pressure setting of Closing & Opening Stage
  • Proportional Speed Control with 5 Closing & 5 Opening Speed
  • Adjustable 2 Stage Mould Safety Pressure & 1 Stage Speed
  • Position Based Ramping for Accurate Position Switching - Precise Speed & Pressure Control
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Clamp Position Control
  • Sensitive Mould Protection with Try Again Circuit
  • Stage Wise Actual Time Display
  • Insert Moulding Program
  • Extended Daylight with Ram Spacer
  • Auto Lubrication (For 350 & 450 Ton)


  • SPI Knock-Out Bar
  • 2 Stage Programmable Ejector Forward Profile with Soft Eject
  • Ejector Speed & Pressure adustable on Screen (Omega 80W to 450W)
  • Linear Transducer for Ejector Position
  • Pulsating Ejector Strokes upto 9 Pulses
  • Intermediate Retract Set Point
  • Ejector Stay Forward & Forward Dwell Timer
  • Ejector on Fly


  • 6 Stage Injection Velocity & 15 Stage Injection Pressure Profile
  • 5 Stage Screw Speed & 5 Stage Back Pressure Control (Setting) through Screen
  • Digital setting of Extruder RPM & Digital Read out of Actual RPM
  • Wide Choice of Injection Units with A-B-C Screw/Barrel Combinations
  • Easy Injection Unit Swivelling
  • Switch Over from Fill to Pack based on Position or Time
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Injection Position Control
  • Injection Decompression Before / After Refilling or Both
  • Semi-Auto Purge, Cold Slug removal & Intrusion Moulding Programs
  • Chequered Plate below Purge Area
  • Sprue Break with Timer
  • Injection start, Suck-back & Melt Decompresion - Delay Timer
  • Graphically Adjustable Alarm Bands for Injection Pressure
  • Sliding Hopper
  • Nozzle Contact Force by Pressure Switch
  • High Torque Hydro Motor
  • Special Screw for PET Processing

Temperature Control

  • Actual Current Display of Heating Zones
  • Heater Failure & Thermocouple Open Detection
  • Accurate PID Temperature Control settable on Screen
  • Feed Throat Temperature Indication
  • Auto Heat Startup & Shutdown
  • Heat Standby after set number of Cycles
  • Soak Timer for Cold Start Protection
  • High / Low Temperature Alarm
  • Set & Actual Temperature Data with Bar Graph
  • Insulated Heater Band


  • 22 Parameter Monitoring for last 1000 cycles with Graphics
  • 10.4" TFT Color Display with Alpha - Numeric Keypad
  • Actual Injection Speed & Pressure Graph Display
  • 80 Mould Data Storage
  • Configurable Multilevel Password with Operator's Name
  • Graphically Presentation of Hourly Production
  • Customized Setup Menu
  • High / Low Limit Display for Each Adjustable Parameter
  • I / 0 diagnosis - Analog & Digital
  • Timer Precision in 0.01 Second
  • Change Log Menu: logs last 100 Set Points Changes with Time & Date
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) with Graphics
  • Process Mode: Functions with its Co-fuctions on a Single Key Press
  • Note Pad & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Freely Programmable Smart Outputs
  • Over View Screen with Graphical Display of Machine Functions
  • Soft Keys for Fast Access of Select Menus
  • Auto shut down
  • Visual & Audible Alarm
  • 1000 Alarm History with Date & Time Log
  • Printer Interface with USB Port


  • Multiple Pump with PQ circuit
  • Pump & Motor slide out from Base for Ease of Maintenance
  • Ergonomic Hydraulic Layout for Easy Approach
  • Valves Placed near Actuators for Rapid Response
  • Pre-Heating Circuit for Hydraulic Oil
  • Low Oil Level Audible Alarm & Motor Shut Down
  • Continuous Oil Filtration with 20 Micron Filter
  • Audible Alarm for Filter Clogging

Available Options

  • Air Ejection
  • Hydraulic Core pull
  • Feed Throat Temperature Control
  • Oil Temperature Control
  • Part Drop Detect for Single Cavity
  • Water Battery with Temperature Indicator
  • Water Manifolds
  • Extra Heating Zones
  • Jam Bar
  • T-slot Platens
  • Eject Retract Limit Switch Verification
  • Hot Runner Temperature Control
  • Robot Interface