FMI at 9th Plastivision India 2013 at Mumbai, India

December 16, 2013

Moulding These technology was supplied from Europe untill FMI is now offering Indian Processor with India Built Machine which was substitute Imports from Europe.

Key Highlights (Injection Moulding Machine)

  • Hydron Servo 150 2K (8+8) cavity Toothbrush handle with two different Plastic materials.
  • MTg 150T Accupack This machine demonstrated the Latest Technology of High Injection Speed thru Accumulator & Fast Speed Clamp with (2+2) Cavity Stack Mould. Adoption of this mould technology is because at present 150T machine is able to produce 2 containers whereas by using Stack mould it's doubled the production.
  • Elektron 180T - Energy Saving, fast cyclic with High Precision in All Electric Machine which was live demonstrated at stall leading Mould Maker.

The response for the show at the FMI Stall was overwhelming with visitors thronging from all across India, Africa & Middle East. The demonstration of new technology was the cynosure of the show. FMI Concluded whopping business of Rs. 96 Million from 22 Machine during the show. Large project & Enquiry were discussed which enabled to strong pipeline for 2014. Plastivision-2013 was a grand success for FMI & Plastic Industry.

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