Ferromatik Milacron India's Successful Open House

October 11, 2012

demonstration of FMI’s India Built High-performance Injection Moulding Machines, which was the main focus of the event. Along with this, visitors took facility tour on progress.

On 11th October 2012, FMI launched;

“Maxima Servo 3200 T - India’s largest Injection Molding Machine

  • Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine
  • Robust & Compact Design
  • Offers lower operating cost, reduced foot print, greater flexibility in terms of clamp stroke & daylight
  • End Application Segments - Automotive, Consumable Durables, Large House ware Products, Pallets, Furniture, Industrial Products, Trash Bins, to name a few……..

Nova Servo – New Generation Energy Efficient Injection Molding Machine

  • New Generation High Speed Toggle Injection Moulding Machine
  • Available in a range of 50 T to 200 T
  • Energy Efficient High Performance Machine
  • End Application Segments - Electrical, Writing Instruments, Automotive, Caps & Closures, to name a few……..

Elektron 450 T – Largest India built All Electric Injection Molding Machine

  • All Electric Machine – The Green Machine
  • Energy Efficient, Fast & Precise, Clean & Quiet & Environment Friendly Machine
  • End Application Segments - Medical, Packaging, Electricals, Electronics & Communications, to name a few……..

Shirish Divgi, MD, Ferromatik Milacron India said that “The new product shall expand our market footprint & help our customers to become more competitive with energy efficiency as its focus. The Large Tonnage Maxima Servo 3200 T Machine is a landmark achievement in FMI Journey so far.”

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