Ferromatik Milacron India's Endowment Lecture at Ahmedabad

April 14, 2012

The event was graced by Dr. Subhash Shit, Dy. Director & Head, CIPET, Ahmedabad as a Chief Guest. Mr. Mahendra Patel, Chairman, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce also attended the said lecture as a special guest. Mr. N. K. Balgi being Vice Chairman, IPI Governing Council chaired the session. Mr. Shirish Divgi, COO, Ferromatik Milacron India (FMI) remained present at the progrmme on behalf of FMI sponsor of the lecture programme. Mr. Atul Kanuga (Chairman, IPI Ahmedabad Chapter), Mr. Rajiv Trivedi (Vice Chairman, IPI Ahmedabad Chapter) and other IPI, Ahmedabad Chapter team members successfully arranged the lecture.

Nikunj Patel (Asst. Manager - Sales Project, FMI) covered details on "Create an Efficient Moulding Shop". He explained about the Layout Characteristics of a Moulding Shop, Elements of Efficiency in Moulding Shop & Advancement in Technology & its Role. Major focus was on three Elements - Highest Uses of Resources, Waste Elimination & Automation. Through Audio – Video presentation, he showed the new technologies Involved in Present Plastic Moulding Shop.

Mr. Sandeep Mahalle (Product Officer, Bohler, India) & Mr. Peter Muhr (Application Engineer, Bohler, Germany) shared information on "Innovation in Plastic Mould Steel". He explained about the Types of Mould & its Parts, Requirement of Plastic Mould Steel, Selection of Mould Steel with its Properties, Comparison of different Mould steel, etc. He explained about today's need of mould manufacturer & its End users with some application based case study.

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