Introducing a New Milacron

March 03, 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

At Milacron, we’re committed to delivering unsurpassed, end-to-end plastics manufacturing solutions to our customers. We’re working together across all our brands to take our offering to the next level by combining the individual strengths of our product lines and brands under the Milacron banner becoming One Milacron. This means some changes for the Milacron brands you are familiar with:

  • Milacron Plastics Machinery, Cincinnati Milacron, Milacron Aftermarket, Kortec, Wear Tech, ServeTek and Ferromatik India have become, simply, ‘Milacron’.
  • Mold-Masters, Uniloy, Cimcool, Ferromatik Europe, Tirad and DME continue to exist as part of the Milacron-owned product portfolio. 

Throughout this transition, your business is our priority. While you may notice small changes to things like our email addresses, building signage and our brand logo over the coming months, the day-to-day management of your account will not be impacted. Most importantly, 

  • All existing business relationships with remain intact – we believe the people for your business are the people who know your business. 
  • Contracts will be fulfilled – our portfolio of current products and services remains as is, available to you at standard pricing.
  • There will be no changes to the commercial documentation process. 

Under our united, global structure, we will continue to provide you with what’s right for your business. The renewed benefits you can expect from us include:

  • A robust suite of end-to-end service solutions - a one-stop shop for all your needs.
  • Focus on innovation in plastics processing technology.
  • Global expertise for individual, localized solutions.
  • Customizable service packages.
  • Global consistency and efficiency. 

No rebrand is complete without a fresh, new visual identity, which was officially unveiled at this year’s NPE in Orlando, Florida, US. Our new look, which you see in this communication, represents our brands combining to form the “M” of Milacron. It showcases precision, as each part needs to be exact in order to form the M. And it demonstrates possibilities - of combining our products in a powerful, consolidated way to reveal something new and exciting for our customers. 

We are excited to bring more possibilities to our business together. Thank you for your continued support; welcome to the new Milacron. 

Best Wishes,

Shirish Divgi
Managing Director
Milacron India

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