Magna T

Toggle Injection Moulding Machine

New Standard in Toggle Technology - Available in a range of 110 to 500 Ton

End Applications

  • Value
  • Machine
  • Design Advantages
    & Features
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Precise & Consistent
  • Energy Efficient
  • Versatile & User Friendly

Robust & Rugged Toggle Mechanism

  • Toggle Mechanism Optimized for Fast Cycling & Reduced Platen Deflection
  • Higher Mould Weight Capacity

Bull Gear Mechanism

Simple & Accurate Mould Height Adjustment for Precise & Consistent Tonnage

Multi Stage Ejection

  • Smooth & Fast Ejection
  • Easy Access to Ejector Area
  • Knock Out Bar for Multi Point Ejection
  • Pulsating Ejector

Generous Mould Space

Accommodates Large Moulds

Wide Skates for Platen Supports

  • Reduced Platen Deflection
  • Enhanced Life of Tie-bars
  • Higher Mould Carrying Capacity

Endura-II, Advanced User Friendly Control

  • Ergonomic Layout
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Direct Access Menu Keys
  • Graphical Presentation of Machine Features
  • Self Diagnostic & Fault Finding Capability
  • Parameter Entry in Absolute Value
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Closed Loop PID Temperature Control

  • Provides precise Temperature Control
  • Excellent Process Control & Stability

Twin Cylinder Injection Unit

Uniform Load Distribution across Screw Centerline

Precise Linear Guideways

Frictionless Linear Bearing Guideways improve the Injection Power & Cylinder Alignment

Replacement of Standard Induction Motor with Servo Motor

Energy savings up to 50%

Automatic Grease Lubrication for Clamping Unit

Ensures continuous & optimum Lubrication to Reduced Friction & Longer Toggle Life

Fully Guided Knock Out Bar

Provides Multi Point Ejection & Even Ejection Force

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Machine Components

Provides Maximum Strength to Weight Ratio

Hydraulic Valves Mounted Close to Actuators

Fast Response From Actuator to Control Unit


  • Robust Double Toggle Clamp Mechanism
  • Quick Automatic Mould Height & Tonnage setting on Screen
  • Adjustable Pressure setting of Closing & Opening Stage
  • Proportional Speed Control with 5 Closing & 5 Opening Speed
  • Adjustable 2 Stage Mould Safety Pressure & 1 Stage Speed
  • Position Based Ramping for Accurate Position Switching,Precise Speed & Pressure Control
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Clamp Position Control
  • Sensitive Mould Protection with Try Again Circuit
  • Stage Wise Actual Time Display
  • Insert Moulding Program
  • Actual Tonnage Display on Screen
  • Automatic Grease Lubrication


  • Knock-Out Bar
  • 2 Stage Programmable Ejector Forward Profile with Soft Eject
  • Ejector Speed & Pressure adustable on Screen
  • Linear Transducer for Ejector Position
  • Pulsating Ejector Strokes upto 9 Pulses
  • Intermediate Retract Set Point
  • Ejector Stay Forward & Forward Dwell Timer


  • 6 Stage Injection Velocity & 15 Stage Injection Pressure Profile
  • 5 Stage Screw Speed & 5 Stage Back Pressure Control (Setting) through Screen
  • Digital setting of Extruder RPM & Digital Read out of Actual RPM
  • Wide Choice of Injection Units with A-B-C Screw/Barrel Combinations
  • Switch Over from Fill to Pack based on Position or Time
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Injection Position Control
  • Injection Decompression Before / After Refilling or Both
  • Semi-Auto Purge, Cold Slug removal & Intrusion Moulding Programs
  • Aluminum Chequered Plate below Purge Area
  • Sprue Break with Timer
  • Injection Unit on Linear Guide Ways for Reduced Frictional Losses
  • Nozzle Contact Force by Pressure Switch

Temperature Control

  • Actual Current Display of Barrel Heating Zones
  • Heater Failure & Thermocouple Failure Detection
  • Accurate PID Temperature Control settable on Screen
  • Feed Throat Temperature Indication
  • Auto Heat Startup & Shutdown
  • Heat Standby after set number of Cycles
  • Soak Timer for Cold Start Protection
  • High / Low Temperature Alarm
  • Set & Actual Temperature Data with Bar Graph
  • Insulated Heater Band


  • 22 Parameter Monitoring for last 1000 cycles with Graphics
  • 10.4" TFT Color Display with Alpha - Numeric Keypad
  • Actual Injection Speed & Pressure Graph Display
  • 80 Mould Data Storage
  • Configurable Multilevel Password with Operator's Name
  • Graphically Presentation of Last 48 Hours Production
  • Daily Production Data of Last 1 Year
  • Customized Setup Menu
  • High / Low Limit Display for Each Adjustable Parameter
  • I / 0 diagnosis - Analog & Digital
  • Timer Precision in 0.01 Second
  • Change Log Menu: logs last 100 Set Points Changes with Time & Date
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) with Graphics
  • Process Mode: Functions with its Co-fuctions on a Single Key Press
  • Note Pad & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Freely Programmable Smart Outputs
  • Over View Screen with Graphical Display of Machine Functions
  • Soft Keys for Fast Access of Select Menus
  • Auto shut down
  • Visual & Audible Alarm
  • 1000 Alarm History with Date & Time Log
  • Printer Interface with USB Port


  • Electronically Controlled Variable Volume Pump
  • Pump & Motor slide out from Base for Ease of Maintenance
  • Ergonomic Hydraulic Layout for Easy Approach
  • Valves Placed near Actuators for Rapid Response
  • Pre-Heating Circuit for Hydraulic Oil
  • Low Oil Level Audible Alarm & Motor Shut Down
  • Continuous Oil Filtration with 10 Micron Filter
  • Audible Alarm for Filter Clogging
  • Hydraulic Valve On / Off Indication

Available Options

  • Air Ejection - Upto 5 Stage
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Core Pull
  • Feed Throat Temperature Control
  • Oil Temperature Control
  • Part Drop Detect for Single Cavity
  • Water Battery with Temperature Indicator
  • Water Manifolds
  • Robot Interface (SPI / EUROMAP)
  • Extra Heating Zones
  • Jam Bar
  • T-slot Platens
  • Interface for Ejector Retract Verification
  • Bimetallic Barrel & Hardened / Coated Screw